Custom Printing

 The process begins with your vision, and the help of our professional artist. They will take what you are thinking and put it into action creating your one of a kind shirt. Once the art is complete and approval is given we will begin the process. Shirts are ordered. Once they arrive they are checked in and in line to be printed.  Each color in your art has to have its own screen created, once all screens are burned the machine is set up, screens filled with ink  then we are ready to rock and roll. Shirts are laid out and counted, then loaded onto the pallet one at a time as the machine will stop at each screen allowing the squeegie to pull the ink across the screen pushing the ink through the screen onto the shirt. Once the shirt has made it around to all the screens, it is then time to cure the ink by placing the shirt into the dryer where they will reach up to 320 degrees. Once it comes out of the dryer they are inspected counted and boxed.